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I know how hard it can be for non-technical people to understand building and construction. Let me lighten the load by showing you simplified explanation behind the practices of this industry.

By the way, I am a licensed Civil Engineer. Trying to find the synonym for self-taught, hence, untaught, please read it in a positive context :)

Take the engineering knowledge that you need below and share it to the world!

Metal / Steel Gate Construction Materials Breakdown and Prices
Construction Cost of a Two-Story Residential House
Floor Topping and Cement Finish Cheat Sheet
Ceiling Works Materials Breakdown per SQ.M.
Waterproofing Works Materials Breakdown Cheat Sheet
Roofing Works Materials Breakdown per SQ.M.
Partition Wall Materials Breakdown per SQ.M.
How to Earthquake Proof Your Homes Philippines
Painting Works Materials Breakdown per SQ.M.
DIY - Masonry Concrete Fence, The Proper Way
Tiling Works Materials Breakdown per SQ.M.
Slab-On-Grade Construction for Dummies
Things to Remember when Buying a Residential Lot

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