Materials Breakdown of Various Partition Walls Per Square Meters

Updated: Apr 6

With the rising low-cost housing projects in the Philippines, a lot of people has been asking me how many certain materials are needed to construct additional partition walls on their bare house. This material breakdown guide should help Filipinos without the need to hire a professional.

The link below might help if you are looking for a single-story residential cost estimate.

1.) Drywall / Plywood Partition Wall on Metal Frame

2.) Plywood Partition Wall on Lumber Frame

3.) Concrete Hollow Block Wall (Plastered)

All you have to do is to multiply each factor to your calculated TOTAL square meter area and you should get the total number of materials needed for you to construct your do-it-yourself partition walls. This is a construction material breakdown guide and you should be able to get a rough estimate (close to actual) materials breakdown.

Check other construction data with the same concept on the links below.

This guide is to help non-technical people to calculate the materials needed for their partition walls without hiring a professional. But if you are one of the skeptic ones, and you want to be sure, then hire one. I wouldn’t mind. 😊

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