Things to Remember When Buying a Residential Lot

Updated: Jul 6

Since you are planning to invest a big chunk of money on this, it would be better to be sure and confident whether that lot is the one. This guide should help you to decide which land area to purchase.

1.) Distance from Schools, Work and Hospitals

How much gasoline consumption would that be before you can come home? How many hours of travel time? Think of this when you are planning to buy your first residential lot.

2.) Elevation Matters

See to it that its elevation isn't low enough for your residential lot to act like a catch basin for neighboring places. With the climate so unpredictable nowadays, it would be advisable to ask your broker about its elevation and the likelihood for the area to be flooded during heavy storms.

3.) Distance from the Utility Source

Do not ever forget this since you are planning to purchase a land for your dream home. See to it that the water, electric and phone lines are not too far enough when its about time for tapping. Else, it might cost you fortune or comfort.

4.) Access Roads

Sure, rural areas price for residential lot are far cheaper compared to urban areas, it would be best if there is already an access road leading to your residential lot. If you are planning to build a rental property on it, this better be on top of you check list.

5.) Permits and Zoning Restrictions

Some estate’s permit and zoning restriction may differ from where you live right now. Familiarize yourself with the possible do’s and don’ts on the land you are checking now.

6.) Ask for a Possible Active Fault Lines

A renowned professor once told us during a seminar that a residential lot developed by one biggest developer in the country were located near a "developing fault line". Apparently, agencies in the country could not publicize it to be a fault line there were no active activities near it. But knowing from my professor that facts show that it truly a developing fault line, isn’t it scary?

Who knows, it was just not disclosed to the public to maintain its popularity. Better inquire to the broker or any geodetic engineers for information about your eyeing residential lot.

With these tips in mind, it should help you decide which land area to buy. Help us know how this post helped you by commenting, liking and sharing!

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