Tiling Works Per Square Meter Price Cheat Sheet

Updated: May 6

Quantifying construction materials may be dreadful for most people and I believe most of you are relying to your engineer or foreman for these tasks. I will be showing very easy cheat sheet on estimating tiling works.

All you have to do is multiply the quantity to your do-it-yourself estimate to get the total quantity of the tiling materials and its corresponding prices.

The link below might help if you are looking for residential cost estimates.

I have also included average labor rate per square meter for your benefits.

1.) Glazed Tile Cost per Square Meter

Amount for labor cost should be around Php 248.00 per square meter so, total cost per square meter of glazed tiling work with labor cost is around Php 853.00.

1.) Unglazed – (Granite) Tile cost per Square Meter

For the unglazed tiling works, I am going to use the 60cm x 60cm granite tile. You may use the following factors for your unglazed tile estimate. Just replace the value of the quantity of the granite with respect to 1 square meter including its amount in Philippine Peso.

Also, factor for the labor cost is around 30% - 45% of the total materials cost.

Since granite tile is more labor sensitive as it needs buffing, trimming and polishing, its labor cost is also way steeper compared to glazed tile sample above. The average labor cost for granite tiling per square meter is around Php 1,652.00. Thus, getting a total cost of Php 6,166.00 per square meter.

Check other construction data with the same concept is linked below.

You may ask the difference between glazed and unglazed tiles. Glazed tiles are tiles that have undergone additional process generally firing where a layer of coating is added to glazed tiles compared to unglazed. This is the reason why glazed tiles are smoother compared to unglazed.

This being said, unglazed tiles are best used in wet areas suck us bathroom because it is more slip resistant. Also, unglazed tiles are preferred to outdoor gardening and tiling works because when it is not that obvious when the tile is chipped.

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